system features

 maintenance free

offer reliable seismic, invisible protection,Unlimited range of defense lines – with no maintenance required.

wireless technology

 DGS 300 is full wireless sensing technology, Cloud based, recognizes threats whenever vibrations are sensed in their vicinity.

military standards

DGS 300  manufactured in compliance to strictest military standards.

environmental conditions

DGS 300 completely functional year-round, even under extreme weather conditions and in any lighting or visibility conditions, 365/24/7

3D 360  detection

The DGS 300 is able to uniquely recognize a wide range of threats 360 degrees above ground and digging activities below ground.

Discovery range

DGS 300 recognize footsteps within a radius up to 25 meters and moving vehicles within a radius of about 50 meters . Coverage capacity for each sensor is about 1,500 square meters for identifying a person and about 8,000 square meters for vehicle identification

standalone/extra layer

 DGS 300 operates as a standalone security system or  easily integrated into any existing security system – offering an extra layer of reliable protection.


Installation, removal and rapid portability  without the need for a fixed infrastructure Provides the ability  to quickly change security system outlines and adapt them  effectively to changing needs.

Full automation

Detect intrusion and send alerts without human intervention. Automatically control and send alerts, in real time, immediately upon intrusion detection into the secure area, and broadcast to an unlimited number of users