system components

DGS 300 system:

  • the Sensing units are hidden in the ground, there is no ability to detect the presence and location of the scattered system in the field.

  • MESH Wireless  communication between the sensors.

  • Interfacing existing security systems to complete gaps in coverage.

  • Planning the location of the system components: Algorithms for optimal planning of sensor positions in the field accordingly to:

    • Alert level.

    •  select preferred security zones.

    •  schedule the need to receive alerts regarding areas of coverage and interest.

    •  the topographic structure of the area.

  • DGS50M:

Seismic sensor for ground installation. Fitness cover up to

50 meters in person (1,500square meter) and 100 meters for vehicles (8,0000square meter).

  • DGS0100N:

Control unit for the collection and transmission of wireless information from sensors without the need for a fixed infrastructure.

  • DGS110S:

Software for processing, analyzing and transmitting alerts to selected end units, including pushing e-mails.

  • DGS120A:

 Friendly application for smartphones.

  • DGS150CM:

 Customized command and control software.

  • DGS200CA:

 auto-set cameras For day and night observation